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Computer Clip ArtAny person desiring information regarding Lake Granbury Newcomers Club please contact President Carole Millhollon by emailing her at moc.l1508318655iamg@1508318655nollo1508318655hllim1508318655elora1508318655c1508318655.  This is not a link, so please copy and paste it in your email address line.

Existing  and potential members who have questions regarding renewing membership, joining, or other membership questions, please contact Linda Balsavage, 2nd Vice President, by copying this email address – ten.r1508318655etrah1508318655c@ega1508318655vasla1508318655bl1508318655 and pasting it into your email address line.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved in special interest groups, contact Joyce Olson, 3rd Vice President, Special Interest Groups by copying  ten.l1508318655abolg1508318655cbs@n1508318655oslor1508318655ecyoj1508318655 and pasting it into your email address line.